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Spreading on the FarmFor Maximum results when using fertilisers, you need to ensure that the nutrients are spread evenly, accurately and importantly that you are spreading at the right rate and utilising the spreader width correctly. Having a quality fertiliser is a must, but how it is spread is a key factor in keeping your cost down and profits up.

Mount Compass Fertilisers provide a professional, highly experienced fertiliser spreading service. We have been servicing the area for nearly 45 Years. Giving us a valuable understanding of the requirements needed to give you the best possible results.

Fertiliser can sometimes be produced at different factories, giving it slightly different characteristics. This means two batches of the same product could have different spread settings.Fertiliser Density Test This is why at Mount Compass Fertilisers we test each time we spread, making sure the product is spread correctly.

Mount Compass Fertilisers spreading service uses 4WD trucks. MCF’s Truck is fitted with the latest TopCon GPS technology allowing us to provide you with an extremely accurate spread each and every time. From soil sampling and analysis to a professional spreading service of fertiliser, gypsum, lime, compost and manures, we are always here to help you.

Our spreaders are Maintained to Industry Standards and use topCon GPS for superior accuracy.

At Mount Compass Fertilisers, we understand everyone has different requirements and we are always here to help. That is why we are happy to use our spreader for a variety of purposes.

Do you have a sporting oval that needs dressing? Failure to top dress can create
an uneven and unsafe playing surface. Top dressing can create an ideal environment for germination, sports fields loose grass through activity. Call us about your ovals today.

Have you been trenching? Now you stand back at look you wonder how can i fill it.
At Mount Compass Fertilisers, we have the solution our spreader has the extra attachments that allow us to effortlessly fill those troublesome trenches for you.

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