Single Super

Single Superphosphate (SSP)

Super single or SSP supplies sulphate calcium and sulphur. As one of the cheaper forms of phosphate it suits a wide range of paddocks, crops and pastures.

The manufacturing of superphosphate involves treating phosphate rock with sulfuric acid. This increases the phosphorus solubility, making it highly productive and easily absorbed, helping deliver maximum results to your crops.

SSP can be blended with other fertiliser products, which at Mount Compass Fertilisers we have the blending facilities, ensuring you have the right product.

SSP Contains calcium and sulphur and helps keep soil in good shape by maintaining soil structure. Super Single provides a balance of P, S and Ca for growth requirements and is a balanced P, S and Ca fertiliser for Australian conditions.


N% P% K% S% Ca%
0 8.8 0 11 19

Chemical name:
Single Superphosphate


Source of phosphorus, calcium and sulphur.

Quality & Handling:
2-5mm granules, off white in colour.

Blends with most fertilisers except Urea and DAP.

Single Super