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Proud supplier of Nuetrog products to the Fleurieu Peninsula

Mount Compass Fertilisers proudly Supplying, Delivering and Spreading Neutrog’s products

Neutrog’s name was born from the combination of ‘nutrients’ and ‘organics’ to accurately reflect the true nature of the products manufactured, which is a range of ACO certified organic products, along with specialist organic-based, chemically-boosted fertilisers, liquid probiotics.

At Mount Compass Fertilisers we quickly realised the potential of Neutrog’s place in the market and have been supplying their products all over the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide Hills for many years. Over the years we have established a fantastic relationship with Neutrog and look forward to many more years of supplying their products to our new and existing customers.

Soil is rich in secrets – the science of nature and the nature of science. Unearthing these secrets is a challenge and a commitment… it’s something Neutrog are passionate about. “We have researched, explored, experimented, invented, refined and evolved. We have changed the way we approach soil enrichment, and created ground-breaking fertilisers that are nutrient rich and bacterially diverse.”

Before it’s pelletised, Neutrog’s chicken poo is inoculated, composted, screened and steam treated – this process eradicates pathogens, parasites and weed seeds, maximises nutrients, and optimises the living microbiology. It creates fertilisers that are alive!

At Neutrog, they embraced the bugs and turn chicken poo into a micro-biotic wonderland.

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