Agronomy Service


Utilise Our Years of Experience and Knowledge

Mount Compass Fertilisers has highly experienced agronomists who are committed to providing sound agronomic advice to assist farmers in their goal for maximum production.

You can be confident that you will receive specialist professional agronomy advice for all types of crops and pastures. Our agronomists can create a fertiliser and crop program specific to your requirements.

Soil Sampling and Analysis

Mount Compass Fertilisers will take your soil samples and send to labs accredited with NATA and ASPAC for analysis. We then can tailor a fertiliser program to uniquely suit your farm and budget requirements.

Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner Advice

Mount Compass Fertilisers can provide one on one advice that works for you. Whether it’s in the paddock, around the table or over the phone and via email, Riley our agronomist will provide specific recommendations to meet your requirements. We can create a prescription fertiliser blend and advice for one paddock or a whole farm plan.

Animal Health & Nutrition

Your livelihood relies on healthy livestock. At Mount Compass Fertilisers we help to ensure that your animals can produce to their full potential.

Calf FeedingWhen it comes to your stock, providing adequate food is top of the list. Unfortunately at certain times a pasture may not have the adequate nutrition to meet the animal’s requirements, at times grasses in the pasture can become toxic to the animal. Our Agronomist can help guide you to reach the right decision when it comes to maintaining healthy livestock.

Resistance to both internal and external parasites can burden you with huge costs. Therefore we can also conduct a wide range of tests for herbicides, fungicides and pesticides both conventional and organic. Helping maintain better animal health and production. Mount Compass Fertilisers are here to help!

We don’t just sell what we have in stock. With our logistic division Mount Compass Haulage we will get the product for you. If we don’t have it we will find it.

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