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“Mount Compass Fertilisers mission is to provide the biggest farm contracting and consulting business on the Fleurieu. Mount Compass Fertilisers provides all types of fertiliser products and services, managed and carried out by our team of professionals. Giving all our customers the help, they need to grow their business”

Mount Compass Fertilisers is celebrating 45 years on the Fleurieu Peninsula

At Mount Compass Fertilisers we have a vision to help improve farming life and make it more sustainable for everyone involved. We continue to build our product range and are offering new services, giving the customer confidence they are purchasing from a premium supplier. With the focus on expanding our business, while retaining our family values and service, our goal is to save our farmers time and increase their earning potential. Always offering the right advice and delivering maximum value.

We offer the highest quality fertilisers, service and products. ensuring our customers are getting the best value for their money. Complementing our full range of granular, fines and organic fertilisers, we also offer blending facilities to make sure you are getting the perfect NPKS levels for your crops and pastures by creating a custom blend made just for you.

With our agronomists and sales team, we are here to help and provide you with valuable tips and critical information on the role of fertilisers in the Hills and the Fleurieu. You can rely on us to give you expert advice and a service second to none. Whether it be from a bulka bag, stalk bin or spreading, all the way through to larger deliveries in one of our bulk tippers. We can store, supply, deliver and spread the product you want when you want.


When it comes to improving your Crops and Pastures, your first call should be to us. Our Agronomist is able to conduct soil tests to help you understand just what your soil needs and to help you produce maximum yields. Once we help you understand your soils requirements, our Agronomist will assist you with the most suitable options for the best potential results.

Mount Compass Fertilisers will then supply you with the correct product or custom blend. You can then have one of our professional spreader operators come out and provide you with the most even and efficient application of your fertiliser using our state of the art trucks fitted with the latest technologies. We make the process easy for you, saving you precious time and achieving the best results.

Mount Compass Fertilisers offers bulk haulage transport for those large jobs, but is also able to supply bulk bags, stalk bins and quantities specific to the client’s needs.


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